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http://maxskansascity.com/ I'm sure you've all seen it. I just thought I'd comment on how interesting their message board is in regards to actual former patron's and employee's posts. I'm sorry but I'm 24 yrs. old. If I had the opportunity to live in the times of Max's Kansas City's heyday, I'd give an arm, a leg, and anything else asked for. Nothing compares to the artists and musicians and all round freaks that frequented Max's I'm certain and like some here, I'd love for a community of people in this day, of a similar caliber. It was an all original. We need something for these times that in my eyes or life at least, just doesn't exsist.
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In their latest issue, the editors of Rolling Stone magazine voted White Light/White Heat at the top of their list of 'the coolest albums of all time'.
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For those of you in the UK, Q magazine has a big feature on the Exploding Plastic Inevitable tour in this months issue. For those of you not in the UK... I can type up some bits and pop them in here if anyone's interested?
feetums and streamers.
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Thank someone for LJ cut! - That awfully long review from this month's Uncut magazine.

The Velvet Underground
Bootleg Series - Volume One - The Quine Tapes
* * * *
Audience recordings of rare live gigs from 1969

So great was the influence of The Velvet Underground on US punk and UK groups like Joy Division and The Jesus And Mary Chain that it became an article of faith of that period that the Velvets had been entirely misunderstood or ignored by their own generation. The legend grew that the Velvet's records had been blanket-refused airplay for been too offensively dark for the upbeat mood fo the late Sixties and that no one had heard their LP's as a result. This was untrue. John Peel, for example, gave The Velvet Underground and Nico plenty of enthusiasic exposure on his pirate radio show, The Perfumed Garden - such that the group became presented in the UK on an equal footing with their many ligher-hearted contemporaries.

Will she ever stop? Heck no... well yes, eventually, obviously...Collapse )
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The bootleg box set...

I have a great big long review of the Quine Tapes, that I keep meaning to type out and post here.

Except that I keep not having time when I remember it.

Is it okay for me just to say that they make me want to dribble, they're stunning and I love them?


DAVID BOWIE has contributed his vocal talents on LOU REED'S next album. 'POE-try', a 2-CD soundtrack to his musical theatre collaboration with Robert Wilson and The. The project is based on the work of Edgar Allen Poe and while Willem Dafoe recites most of Wilson's text, Lou Reed has contributed thirteen new songs.

Guests include David Bowie and Steve Buscemi. The track featuring David's lead vocals is entitled 'Hopfrog'.
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hello to all. i just have joined yesterday and as seems to be proper my first entry will be simply a small introduction and greetings to all other members.

i love the velvets and lou reed of course. im also a fan of john cale's production credits and the small piece of his post-velvets work that i have been exposed to. so..yeah. okay.

now then if you care to know more about me just read through my journal. it is admittedly a very boring place but maybe in some way my insecurities will elevate your own self esteem.
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Poems in Need of Critiques

S'il vous plait.....*smiles*


'She wonders how
many around her can
picture how it feels;
Maybe the ugly girls
in the halls at school
with their yellowing teeth
raw skin and straw-yellow hair
and their tongues lazing for
lack of opportunity
and no great love.

Maybe her girlfriends
as well, sucking
the laughter out of
each others mouths,
with drunken kisses
and self-concious embraces
in naked pools of
mint-toned water,
they fondle each other
like Lesbians
as a game
as a lapse from boredom,
as pure, as swift, as cocaine

Even the ones with the beautiful hair
even the one with features
clear as a bell

This without love
is a sort of cocaine
But what else
is there to do?

She likes to dress up
her wardrobe is full of
lovely shades, fabrics un-beset
by the teeth of moths
Good looks are another distraction.

Today, a darkened dress
traced joyously
with cancerous outbursts
of flowers, and stems
her voluptuous frustration
for a while, until
in passing by a mirror in a
her bone white hand
crushes against her
decent breats and she gasps
and tries to remember
how it must have been,
my love, my love...

Lolling her plump white hand
in voluptuos frustration
unto a bad beat
under a loveless night.</u>

and here's another snippet of poem, in english and in italian both.

Tu, con la tua barba nera
da vecchio, e quella croce d'oro
giallastro, come una striscia o due
dipinte sul torso

Contro le 44 chiese
rose e bianche di Maratea
come i denti rotti di vecchi e
Desideravo il tuo morso.

You, with your
old man's beard,
and a cross of yellow gold
hanging like perpendicular
stripes against your chest

Against the pink and blanched
background of Maratea's 44
like the shattered teeth of old men
and old women
I longed for you to taste of me.'