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I just recently purchased the VU album "White Light/White Heat" and I just have to say that it is without a doubt the best rock 'n roll album ever. There is nothing on there that is less than amazing. I absolutely adore them. It sucks because none of my friends are even into them so I have no one to rant to about their greatness.

But now I have found this community and shall henceforth rant at any time I see fit.

I win.
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two "new" Lou releases...

from http://www.loureed.com/news/index.html
BMG Heritage has remastered Transformer and Take No Prisoners. They will be in stores Oct. 22nd and September 24th, respectively. Here's some info from BMG:

Take No Prisoners - available Sept 24, 2002 * First Time On CD in US * New liner notes by Rolling Stone's David Fricke Digitally Remastered

> Transformer - available Oct 22, 2002

* 30TH Anniversary Edition Includes 2 Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks plus exclusive "hidden" surprise!

* Digitally remastered * Artwork features original packaging, NEW comprehensive liner notes, rare memorabilia and Transformer-era photos by Mick Rock

> BONUS TRACKS Hangin' 'Round (previously unreleased acoustic demo) Perfect Day (previously unreleased acoustic demo) + Hidden Surprise!
by hidden surprise, i could only guess that it would be some sort of video element, perhaps?
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A quick "head's up" for any of our English cousins...

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If you have time, check out track 1 on the new HMV 'new music sampler' thingy...It is a dance / chillout artist called 'Chris Coco' doing a version of 'Sunday Morning' with Nick Cave on vocals. I was going to buy it for you, but I figured there would be at least one album out this month we would buy and get the cd free anyway (Goldrush, for example).

R. xxx

Oh yeah, and Radio 2 did archive that interview with Lou Reed (see me last post!)...

"It's time for bed" said zebedee.

Shamless plug: I've been busy revamping my VU website. Let me know if you hate it. Actually, don't, I'll cry.
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Tonight (Saturday 17th August 2002) BBC Radio 2 will be broadcasting an interview with Lou Reed at 8pm GMT, in a belated tribute to his 60th birthday. You can read more about it here, and listen live to the station on the internet here.

Also, if you should miss it, BBC often archive their radio broadcasts to listen to later, so there's a good chance it will turn up here.

The Covenant House and Nico

Has anyone seen the tv promos for Covenant House with the Nico song? I'm not familiar with Nico's solo output so I don't know the name of the tune. It begins with sweet, vivacious acoustic guitar plucking and I think her first line is something like "And now that it's time..." Maybe it's just for the Canadian chapter of Covenant House, I dunno.
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Just a heads up to let you all know that the Velvet Underground And Nico is being re-released (at least in the UK) with extra tracks - from what I've read it's going to be some of those that Lou and John did for Nico's Chelsea Girl.

And now, to go buy something that I already have four copies of (including an original vinyl copy that I picked up at a record fair last week for a whole four quid! Bargain!)....
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(Hello, big Velvet Underground fan, just joined the community...)

Any Nico experts out there? I'm curious about the two different version of 'Drama of Exile'. I'm going to order the CD released on See For Miles, which I understand is the original version. There's a CD released by Cleopatra, which Amazon lists as 'Drama of Exile (Remixed)', but it seems to have the same track listing as the original. And how about the 'Icon' CD, does that have all of the alternate versions?