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two "new" Lou releases...

from http://www.loureed.com/news/index.html
BMG Heritage has remastered Transformer and Take No Prisoners. They will be in stores Oct. 22nd and September 24th, respectively. Here's some info from BMG:

Take No Prisoners - available Sept 24, 2002 * First Time On CD in US * New liner notes by Rolling Stone's David Fricke Digitally Remastered

> Transformer - available Oct 22, 2002

* 30TH Anniversary Edition Includes 2 Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks plus exclusive "hidden" surprise!

* Digitally remastered * Artwork features original packaging, NEW comprehensive liner notes, rare memorabilia and Transformer-era photos by Mick Rock

> BONUS TRACKS Hangin' 'Round (previously unreleased acoustic demo) Perfect Day (previously unreleased acoustic demo) + Hidden Surprise!
by hidden surprise, i could only guess that it would be some sort of video element, perhaps?
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