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She's busy sucking on my ding dong

I just recently purchased the VU album "White Light/White Heat" and I just have to say that it is without a doubt the best rock 'n roll album ever. There is nothing on there that is less than amazing. I absolutely adore them. It sucks because none of my friends are even into them so I have no one to rant to about their greatness.

But now I have found this community and shall henceforth rant at any time I see fit.

I win.
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You need to find new friend. ;)

Orrrrrrrrrr, if you really like them, make them listen just once and tell you that it's not genius.
I don't have any friends who like The Velvets either.. it's really sad, but at least we have the internet where we can all converse about The Velvets and be one big happy internet land family!
I really liked White Light/White Heat too, but I'd still say that The Velvet Underground & Nico is my fav. = )